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Darlene Justiniano joined NAAAHR New Jersey in May of 2017 after attending one of our sponsored events in Newark. She is a graduate of Kean University, with a Bachelors in Communications/Public Relations, and also holds a Masters of Science in Human Resource Management from Thomas Edison State University.  After joining NAAAHR, she visited our Member Portal, saw an open HR position opportunity, applied and got the job! Read our interview to find out what else she shared with us.


How did you first hear about NAAAHR or NAAAHR New Jersey?


I initially heard about NAAAHR through Vanessa Phipps at a networking event and panel discussion that was hosted by the organization and held at Rutgers University, entitled Planning, Politics, & Presence: Crossing the line to Career Success. 


What are you doing in your current position, and how does it support how and where you want to grow yourself personally and professionally?

I am currently working for Pearson as a HR intern. This is my first role in HR and I work closely with HR Operations and Talent Acquisition. Within the North American Human Resource Hub, I support Organizational Change Management. I also work closely with Talent Acquisition in the recruiting and hiring process with the use of Taleo, which includes creating requisitions, reviewing resumes, sourcing, conducting phone and in-person interviews, making job offers/letters, and negotiating salaries. My current role will help me progress in my career because I get to experience HR from different perspectives by learning the different business segments, systems, and “language.”

As people of color, what (if any) commitment do you believe we need to make to one another?


As people of color, we need to continue to uplift and support one another. I think it is very important to continue to help each other through the spread of knowledge. For someone that is just starting off their career, what I found to be very helpful too is to not be afraid to reach out and connect with people that you can see yourself as one day, like a mentor.


One of the questions I always ask people is to talk about what makes them powerful. So, what makes you powerful?

Being an African American woman makes me powerful; we are magical. Along with being confident and fearless, I capitalize on small victories and use those wins to sustain confidence. One of my favorite quotes is “Let your faith be bigger, than your fear.” That quote helps remind me to continue to take risks and go after whatever it is I want in life.

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