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      May. 11, 2015

      HR Trends


      Countdown to 2020

      In October of 2010, Intuit, in collaboration with Emergent Research, published the “Intuit 2020 Report: Twenty Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade.” In short, the report grouped tomorrow’s major economic movements into four buckets: 1) Demographic Trends, 2) Social Trends, 3) Business and Economic Trends, and 4) Technology Trends. Five years in, let’s take 2015 to examine how, as Human Resource professionals, we are equipping ourselves and our organizations to respond to the findings. As an example,  if we combine these two statements from different sections of the report: “You no longer need cash to start a business” … Read More »

    • 6 Tips to Land a Job in a New Industry

      In the past it was common for human resources professionals to stick with one industry for an entire career. But times have changed, and today such longevity can be seen as a detriment to professional development. More companies today want HR leaders with diverse experiences that will help them make decisions in ambiguous situations. It shows that they can apply their knowledge in creative ways. Though making the move from one industry to another can be challenging, here’s 6 tips on how to land a job in a new industry: Tip #1 Make moves early. When younger and in the … Read More »

    • Jun. 17, 2014

      HR Trends


      It’s a New World

      It’s possible that we’re near a turning point from the financial collapse which wreaked havoc on careers, organizations and life. The global calamity has ended, and for the most part, businesses are getting back on the growth track. But what snuck in over those years of uncertainty is a different work climate. Workforces will probably never reach the same mass as before because the demographics of today’s workforce are different. And because of that, there is a yearning for new approaches to managing the organization. This means that the old way of doing business is over. The old processes that … Read More »