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Our Community Connections, Business Partners, and Professional Associations

NAAAHR is committed to building and lifting up the talents of BIPOC professionals at all levels, across all industries, and both nationally and globally.   The Association tasks its internal leadership with encouraging and driving this commitment among its members, sponsors and partners.


We believe in the power of knowledge, connectivity and inspiration, and strive to present robust opportunities to our members that bridge all of these elements.  To do so, NAAAHR New Jersey organizes events, conferences, forums, workshops, and networking mixers that encourage our members, sponsors, and organizational supporters to address the issues of human resources management, workforce effectiveness, and organizational culture.


To expand our ability to connect with our very large and very diverse New Jersey “community,” NAAAHR New Jersey wants to continue to strengthen our alliances with the many businesses, educational institutions, professional organizations, and community leaders who also promote our mission through the great work they do every day in this state.


Here’s to the community leaders, businesses and professional groups who have supported NAAAHR New Jersey’s mission and vision! We are eternally grateful for the relationships that we have developed with you.  Thank you.

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