Position: Senior Compensation Analyst

Company: New Jersey Transit

Administers and processes all Merit Increase and Performance Assessment forms; initiates forms, distributes forms to department heads, receives forms, verifies accuracy and conformance to policy, processes forms

Position:  Lead Contract Specialist-Procurement & Support Services

Company: New Jersey Transit


Conducts bid and proposal processes.  Establishes and maintains procurement schedules.  Performs prequalification appraisals.  Coordinates technical evaluation committees.  Distributes bid and proposal packages, and communicates with vendors, contractors and consultants.  Tabulates bids and proposals.  Prepares Procurement fact sheets for Board Liaison.  Coordinates contract approval and execution process.

Position: Associate Manager of Payroll

Company: New Jersey Transit

Collaborate and support department manager(s) in processing of payroll functions required to produce scheduled and requested pays (both Regular Cycle and Off-Cycle,) including accurate deductions and taxes and resolution of system issues thereby ensuring timely and accurate payroll delivery. Support manager(s) in the accurate and timely processing of special pays including but not limited to: Contract Retro, Wage Rate Adjustment, Contractual Cash-ins at year-end, final pay at Termination/Retirement, Estate Payments, Arbitration Awards and Contractual Allowances.

Position: Communication Services Coordinator 

Company: New Jersey Transit

Develops new and creative ways to use social platforms and digital content to provide service updates, interact with customers and other story concepts and material.

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