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Passionate About  the Advancement of Human Resources Management Practices and Values
in Our Multicultural State

New Jersey is a wonderfully multicultural state! Having the nation’s fourth largest Asian population and seventh largest Hispanic population, the state’s proportion of “minority” residents (40.7%) is substantially higher than the national average of 33 percent. This can’t help but impact our approach to Human Resources strategy. NAAAHR New Jersey is uniquely positioned to advance Human Resources management practices and value systems and to increase the professional development of diverse HR practitioners. We provide conferences, symposiums, cross-industry collaborations and education initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in decision-making among HR professionals and their constituents.


The formation of a statewide chapter in New Jersey was encouraged by a desire to help address unique aspects of Human Resources Management in our state. A team of knowledgeable and experienced HR and business professionals was assembled to help address issues related to workforce effectiveness, talent analytics, and emerging human capital interests that will affect the direction in which businesses continue to move in this still-new millennium - and whose emerging leaders are part of that movement!


NAAAHR New Jersey seeks to collaborate with Sponsor Organizations that desire to support our mission to provide human capital learning and development opportunities by sharing diverse experiences, perspectives and abilities.


You may contribute in-kind or monetary support for Chapter meetings, special events, educational

initiatives, and other NAAAHR New Jersey activities.

Sponsors may receive:


•Complimentary registration to VIP receptions, meetings, and other Chapter events

•Logo and name recognition on the NAAAHR New Jersey website

•Recognition in pre-event and post-event marketing materials, onsite at events, and in promotions sent directly to NAAAHR members, HR colleagues, and supporters


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