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Are You Indirectly Destroying Your Company Brand By Ignoring These Signs?

As the saying goes, "People don't leave bad companies, they leave bad managers". Employers, have you vetted your leadership team? What steps have you taken to avoid the domino effect of developing a bad reputation and destroying your company brand? Do you want to be viewed as a company with miserable or under appreciated employees? Do you realize how quickly you will lose talent or how hard it will be to attain new talent? It gets pretty expensive ignoring Toxic ​Managers.

According to​ Wade Burgess, ​LinkedIn's VP of Talent Solutions The cost of a bad employer brand could be "pretty staggering" :

  • The cost of a bad reputation for a company with 10,000 employees could be as much as $7.6 million in additional wages. Based on the average US salary being $47,230 (according to BLS ), assumed annual turnover of 16.4%, and a minimum 10% per cent pay rise.

  • Employers who fail to invest in their reputation could be paying up to an additional $4,723 per employee hired.​​

  • Nearly half of US professionals would entirely rule out taking a job with a company that exhibited the top three negative employer brand factors, no matter what pay raise they were offered.

  • Even a pay raise of 10% would only tempt 28% of us to sign on the dotted line.

Those are some scary numbers... look at all that revenue down the drain. Now ask yourself, do your employees feel appreciated or threatened? Are you "turning the other cheek" hoping that your employees' concerns and complaints will magically go away? Will they share their gripes on social media to thousands of friends, associates and strangers about the horrible management team they have worked for within your organization? Distorting your reputation should be the absolute last thing you would want to do!

Below, I found that these are the most common behaviors that many toxic managers possess:


  • Nitpicking & Belittling - Everything that an employee does is not good enough for them. Manager talks down to their employees and makes them feel incompetent in their skills.

  • Micromanaging - Managers shadowing and dictating an employee's every move leaving the employee with no sense of independence and feeling powerless.

  • Playing Devil's Advocate - Putting employees against one another.

  • Gossiping - Unmercifully and unethically spreading employees' confidential business around the office.

  • Showing Favoritism - Not allowing others to get a fair chance at advancement or successes.

  • Solo Player - Does not view support staff as a team and often goes against team if an issue arises.

But wait, what about the employees who have to support or work with these toxic managers? The easy answer of course is to just leave if you aren't happy but with the current state of the economy, how realistic is that option? Most of these employees in fear that their livelihood will be threatened so they have no choice but to stay mum about their current situation. Where is the support system for this group? Human Resources you might suggest. Unfortunately, that's not the case in every organization because the main purpose for Human Resources is to protect the interest of the organization. Sure there's a "No Retaliation" and "Confidentiality" policy in place...but does it really apply? Hmmm

"A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected."

What's the worst that can happen...right?

  • 🏽 Harassment/Discrimination Lawsuits

  • 🏽 Bad company reviews on Glassdoor, Google and

  • 🏽 Loss of talent/Difficulty in retaining talent =Loss of revenue

Do you really want that? If you need some encouragement to make some much needed changes, refer to this quote:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". -Maya Angelou

Your company will thrive if your employees feel like they are a contribution instead of a burden.

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